Here you can download freescada_01.tar.gz. This tarball includes two libraries:
  • msg.tcl
  • gui.tcl
A few demo programs and message format descriptions are included too. One could use these libraries to build a simple driver taking data and sending XML-packaged messages and a simple visualisation module.


The msg.tcl library contains procedures that would be used to build a simple message receiver and sender. The message receiver is a simple HTTP server. The sender is a simple HTTP client. The sender sends a XML-packed message as the entity enclosed in the request using method POST.


This library was started to allow writing of the demos which would demonstrate msg.tcl procedures. The screenshot shows demo No 7


This package is developed under Linux (Debian "potato"), using Tcl 8.04 and Tk 8.2. The demos were checked under Windows NT 4.0.


You can discuss the libs and demos here: Forum.

Copyright Evgeny Kazanov 2000

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